6 day running around Mont Blanc through France, Italy and Switzerland organized by Trail Run Adventures and Vagabond Trails. From Chamonix and back.



Juliane & Scott, USA

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Absolutely amazing time with Vagabond Trails! They did a superb job coordinating all our Ecuador running & exploring adventures - from the trails we'd go on to the rafting trip to seeing the Andes and the Amazon to delicious food and great accommodations. I definitely recommend booking with them!



Nicole Rogers, USA

I went on the trip to Ecuador with Vagabond Trails and I had a great time! So many worthy experiences were packed into this trip. Just the contrast from being at high altitude volcanoes to jungle rivers in such a short span is special and would be hard to beat anywhere else. I liked how the activities were mixed to include things like horseback riding and rafting on top of just being a running trip. It made the trip much more of a full package.

All the accommodations were amazing! Food? Never hungry, always satisfied beyond expectations. Funny diet? No problem. This is definitely the way to visit a country you never been to for the first time. You get more than what you pay for.

Ruben Espinoza, USA

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If you want a perfectly delightful trail guide, country expert, running buddy, and impeccable host, you should connect with Veronica and Vagabond Trails.


Marta Meyer, USA

Fantastic trips and a really sympathic team. Absolutely recommended 


Till Schneemann, Germany


I just went to Ecuador with these guys and it was awesome…I mean awesome. The runs were diverse and adventurous with amazing views. We traversed in all kinds of terrain and the itinerary itself was well thought out. The eco-lodges and haciendas were comfortable, and the food was consistently tasty and plentiful. Also, the guides were laid back and fun! I would definitely travel with them again!!

Audrey Barnett, USA

"Veronica! thanks for the company, compassion, and constant smile, and for all the extra miles you put in both as a model and carer. All the best for your upcoming races! 

Jonas, (the rock). Thank you also for your kindness and patience, you were a constant calming influence on the group as you juggled timetables with everyone's different needs. I am looking forward to seeing your photos, the ones you have posted are beautiful. Also ALL THE BEST for your upcoming races! 

I wish you all the happiness and success you surely deserve it.  Many thanks again to both of you, or as the French say, croissant bonjour,...no?...oh well.......au revoir"

Gregory Richards, Australia

"My partner and I went on a photo tour up the alps for a few nights with Vagabond Trails. Veronica and Jonas were, and I do not exaggerate, two of the loveliest people you can meet. They were incredibly helpful, and got us through things we didn’t even know we could do. We spent a little more time with Veronica, who we found to be truly inspirational as a person, and whilst walking we had lovely talks and exchanged stories. 

Incidentally, Jonas in particular is an excellent and passionate photographer, so as well as guiding, he was able to help with some photographic suggestion and personal insights about the area. 

I personally encountered some leg issues at the end of day 1, and Jonas and Veronica helped me in the most professional and friendly way I could imagine - there’s absolutely nothing they could’ve done better. I would wholeheartedly endorse these guys, and plan to do more stuff with them in the future. I hope to stay in contact with them, and they have a 100% 10/10 recommendation from me."

Tom Morter-Laing, UK

Amazing trip in Ecuador! Everything was thoughtfully planned out with breathtaking views, great food, and impactful cultural interactions.

Ashley Ator Vander Meeden, USA


Great time with this group. The guides ensured we were safe, informed, and having fun throughout the trip. Everything was planned perfectly so we had a great mix of activity and rest. I can’t wait for another trip!

Zach Vander Meeden, USA

"Had an amazing experience trekking in the Swiss Alps thanks to Jonas and Veronica. They took care of every aspect of the tour and ensured that all the needs of the group were met. The area around Verbier is amazing with glaciers, crystal clear lakes, and views from the top of the Alps that will leave you breathless. Staying in the Swiss hut system after ten or more hours of hiking was an awesome part of the experience, the huts are amazing with great food and amenities to help make the trek of given day more than bearable. Even when as I found out later I had torn meniscus, I was helped to complete all 4 days of the trek with Jonas taking part of my load for a good part of two days, Jonas and Veronica went above and beyond to help me complete a life goal and I will be forever grateful. I can't recommend Vagabond Trails enough and plan on going on another trek with them in the future, with healthier knees.


The photography portion of the trek lead by Thomas Heaton was just as memorable. Thomas provided a great level of photography knowledge and having done most of the trek himself earlier in preparation for our trekking workshop we had ideal locations to photograph sunrise, sunsets and on occasion lakes, fall colors and even Veronica running across a suspension bridge and around the clearest lake you'll find anywhere in the world. If you want a great experience, with the best guides, chose Vagabond Trails."

Edgar Feliz, US