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Ivy Castillo, USA

"Great tour through beautiful countries. Tomas was awesome. He gave clear information, looked out for us at the back of the group, and went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable. I always felt I was in good hands under his guidance."

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Tab Tollett, USA

"Do it!! it’s well worth the training and effort! Such a great feeling of accomplishment running that last kilometer back into Chamonix!  My family thought the route was beautiful! The accommodations were nice as expected and Tomas was excellent in his knowledge and a very professional mountain guide! A super nice guy and a pleasure to be around.."

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Terri Walter, USA

"Don’t hesitate!! This was my first international trip and I have very little experience in the mountains, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! My favorite parts of the route were running into Courmayeur, and then from there to La Fouly. The mountains were enormous and breathtaking!! Our group of runners was so friendly and encouraging to one another. We gelled right away and everyone got along really well. The entire trip was so well organized and seamless! Veronica truly cared about our entire experience and was checking on us throughout, and met with us personally before and after our trip."

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Heidi Schindler, CAN

"It's hard to pick which aspect I loved the most! Such a special trip.
#1 was the landscapes - unreal! To be alongside this iconic massif, taking in Mont Blanc's stunning beauty, and running for distances on such perfectly runnable trails, it really was a dream come true for me. I had emotional moments on the trail with tears welling, a lump in my throat and goosebumps on my arms. Whoa! I'd been looking forward to doing that trip, one way or another, since 2018.
#2 was the challenge of 6 long run days back to back to see how I'd fare. This is a personal thing (but I will guess it's a common theme for most who do it). I felt amazed that I was not hurting or sore, and felt quite strong throughout, notwithstanding obvious fatigue settling in on climbs during the second half. We can do more than we think we can - and this trip helped to affirm this for me.
But also:
-The route was great. I appreciated the detour on day 1 to get away from the actual UTMB course and more into the mountain environment right away.
-The group dynamics were also great in my opinion. You never know what you're getting into with groups - esp. for multiple days and sharing small spaces! - but I felt it was a good mix of personalities, abilities, genders, ages.
-The organization of the trip (accomms, luggage, taxis) seemed seamless! You have done a great job, Veronica, on all the trip organization, and Tom while in-trip. Communication was also great before and during the trip. No complaints or comments there - only kudos.
-Accommodations - proximity to the trail was good, and check-in and baggage pick-up at each was seamless. I did not mind the hostel/auberge nights and sharing a room with many people. :) I thought I would (as an introvert) but it contributed to the experience overall.
- Favourite accommodations: The towns of, and hotels in, in Les Contamines (What a charming place! The food was also excellent, and they made a mean Aperol Spritz!) and Courmayeur. I would return specifically to visit Courmayeur!"

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Ann Pickin, UK

"Maud was very easy to get along with. I enjoyed hearing all her knowledge about the area in which we were hiking and the plants along the route."

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Trevor Williams, USA

"The trip met all of my expectations. The route was awesome and Tom showed us a couple of alternates that I really enjoyed. The accommodations were great, even the rustic Les Mottets. The experience was immersive and created memories that will last a lifetime. I loved the group and I’ve formed friendships I would never have had the opportunity to enjoy without this trip. Veronica, Tom, Jeff, and Audrey were the best hosts and guides. I’d gladly take a trip with Vagabond again."

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Brian Lowe, USA

"The TMB itself will be the same, whether you choose to take on the challenge through a company such as Vagabond Trails, or elect to go on your own. The difference with Vagabond Trails is they have already taken care of so many of the details needed for such an adventure. Packing lists, training plans, refuge accommodations, transportation, and the list goes on. The team at Vagabond Trails simply goes above and beyond to make your TMB experience stress free, giving you more time to enjoy the on trail experience. Case-in-point, my wife has Celiac disease and we were concerned about the provided meals throughout the 6-day trip. We shouldn’t have worried. Vagabond Trails ensured that every meal provided met her dietary restrictions, including any meals at restaurants."

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Greg Chmielewski, USA

"Don't hesitate, sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. When I first started planning my TMB trip I was looking to do it all on my own, I'm so happy that I decided to go with Vagabond Trails they handled everything. I just showed up and enjoyed the experience.Everything blew my expectations out of the water. The best part was the dynamics of the group, I was amazed at how fast 11 strangers could become a trail family, over the 6 days we shared so many laughs and I enjoyed getting to know everyone."

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Denbeigh, UK

"Bucket list experience, do not turn down the chance of memories for a lifetime. The sights and sounds of the best playground in the world throw in a great group of people and you have a perfect week. Tom was engaging with lots of details of the various passes, mountain names, history tit bits and all round good humor and fun, a superb caretaker of the group for the week"

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Sahista Vahora, USA

"I love the trip - the view, the mountains and the company. I also enjoyed the company of the group - most of us operated in a team dynamic and were caring about each others well-being on the mountain. I think the love of outdoors and is wanting to have a good time brought out the best of us on the trip."

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Courtney Forberg

Courtney Forberg, USA

"I loved the route in general and the amazing sites you saw every step, through peaks and valleys. It was nice to have a good challenge everyday that made the friendships on trail and time in the evenings even more wonderful. I’m glad there were others in the group that also came alone, which made me less nervous at the start. The organization was great, from the AlpyBus that was on time to getting necessary packing info and training guides. I knew I could always ask a question about the trip and get an answer before and during the trip. Loved having Elina on the trip and hearing her trekking stories and building a connection there too!"

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Emma Heaney, AUS

"Everything was fantastic. Communication beforehand with Veronica was clear and everything was easily taken care of, making me feel like I didn’t have to worry about anything before my arrival. You can tell Veronica really cares about everyone involved and in making sure we have the best experience possible. It makes a big impact!
Alena was a great guide, and it was nice to have a female guide as well.
We had a great group of people, I think having Elina in particular attracted a good crowd.
I’m so glad I chose to hike with Vagabond. It has been such a nice experience and I would definitely recommend to others, and choose again!"


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Ethan Campbell, USA

"I loved the views and the group the most. We had an amazing time together."

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Tyler Campbell, USA

"While the climbs and descents were sometimes challenging, I would encourage anyone who is reasonably fit and enjoys the outdoors to consider doing this trip. The views are spectacular. The experience, both in nature and culturally, was overall fantastic. I was very happy with my overall experience for this trip. The organization and communication in planning the trip was very helpful and appropriate. I enjoyed the interaction with the diverse group of individuals. I also enjoyed how we took alternate routes at times that allowed us to see different parts of the countryside. This also allowed us some time away from the number of people that were on the more traditional route. Overall, I truly enjoy this experience and would do it again if the opportunity arose, either in this area or another location."

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Jolie brouttier

Jolie Brouttier, USA

"I enjoyed everything about the tour. The comfortability of knowing I was safe with a well known tour guide, refuge stays and meals provided, in addition to great company and amazing views really made for a remarkably memorable trip!
DO IT. Worth the money!"

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Eric Flores, USA

"The route was perfect. I thought the group was split between hikers with a faster pace and hikers that with a slower pace but we could easily find the meetups in between a climb. Everyone was extremely helpful and kind to each other. The refuges and hotels were also perfect. Alena was very passionate about the mountains and was a great leader! I would go with her on the tour again."

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Jacob Campbell, USA

"I’d say it’s a once in a lifetime experience, and it is 50 times more amazing in person. Definitely a worthwhile trip."

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Suzanne MacKenzie, CAN

"The scenery was spectacular and the trails often tough but always amazing to run and to hike. It was so terrific to be able to immerse myself in the experience knowing that all of the details like route, booking accommodations, transporting people and bags and even checking the weather were all taken care of by Tom and Vagabond. A truly memorable experience."

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Catalina Cortes, USA

"The landscapes were amazing, the organization in terms of routes and food was excellent. And Tom was exceptionally reliable, helpful, informative, safe, considerate, knowledgeable."

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Elina Osborne trekking Tour du Mont Blanc

Elina Osborne, NZ

"What a time. Every small detail was so meticulously thought out and planned for- Vagabond Trails ensured our group tour of TMB was the best in every way. Our guide Antoine was hilarious and full of charisma, guiding us on trail and in energy

As hikers/runners/filmmakers themselves, Vero and Jonas from Vagabond Trails know exactly what they want out of a group trip, and make that a priority for others to experience.

I'll be back."

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Fran Ritchie, USA

"The whole experience was phenomenal. I have anxiety about traveling abroad and I really appreciated every minute detail that was provided ahead of time, especially regarding travel logistics. Know that you can never provide too much information for people like me! Veronica was so responsive in communication that I felt supported throughout the entire process, both leading up to and even during the trip. This might sound silly, but I also really appreciated the recognition that we were spending a lot of money, personal time, and in some cases unpaid work leave to get there. It made me feel like Veronica respected me as a person.
The pace of the tour was great, I never felt rushed or out of my comfort zone (well, I was pushed, but not in a bad way). The refuges were as expected, except that the atmosphere exceeded expectations. I've never been in a place that embraces trail activities so much, and never been in a group of like-minded people who loved to talk all things running and outdoors. I found "my people" and felt at home."

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Salvador Castillo, MX

"My experience with Vagabond Trails was GREAT I did the TMB in August of 2022 and it was my first multi-day adventure.

From the beginning, they answered every question I had.

They planned really well every aspect of the trip from the hotels to restaurants and lunches. 

They provided us with a great and friendly guide. 

Definitely doing more adventures with them."

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Xu Gao, USA

"I joined the trail run Tour du Mont Blanc with Vagabond Trails, and it brought me one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. Honestly, it was beyond what I expected in terms of the quality of the experience. Our guide, Tomás, is a very responsible guide and a fun person to hang out with. It was not an easy job to guide a group of runners who run at different paces!The event organizer, Veronica, was there with us almost from the beginning until the end. She made sure our arrivals are safe and answered all my run-unrelated, touristy questions; she greeted us in person on day 1 and cheered for us at the finish line; even better, she run with us for part of the trail! The trail, Tour du Mont Blanc, is by far the most beautiful trail I’ve been on. No wonder the UTMB is the most famous trail run event! The trail condition is 10/10 and is perfect for running. Last but not least, I really enjoyed the places we stayed. I think Veronica really hand picked the best experience we can possibly have. Thank you Vagabond Trails!"

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Adam Pelletier, USA

"With Vagabond Trails, I did the Tour Du Mont Blanc, the guide was excellent, and communication prior to and during the trip exceeded my expectations. It was the experience of a lifetime, many thanks to Vero and Vagabond Trails. I will travel with them again!!"

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Suzzy Mc Lean, USA

"Wanted to thank you both for organizing a thoughtful and exciting trip for us. We had a blast and will definitely do it again someday with the kiddos once they're a little older!

We really appreciated all the details that went into the trip and we'd definitely do another trip with you both."

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Laura Kozel_edited.jpg

Laura Kozel, USA

"I absolutely loved doing the Tour du Mont Blanc with Vagabond Trails in July 2023 - they were good people, took care of everything such as hote/Refuge reservations and luggage transport, food and provided a wonderful guide. I strongly recommend them and couldn’t be happier with the experience I had!"

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Jennie Hibma, USA

"I had the best time and made so many close friends. I can't imagine having had a better experience. I loved the refugees, the food and restaurants, and all the amazing people I met on the trip. Thank you too for being there with all my travel issues. I'm so glad I could make it on the first day. Words can't describe the thousands of beautiful memories I will cherish from the beautiful trip you planned.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the vagabond trails website, and I hope to book another trip with you soon.

Can't wait to see you again when I start my next adventure!"

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Nicole Wright, UK

"I had an incredible time running the Tour de Mont Blanc with Vagabond Trails. I have been back 3 weeks now and am still smiling. It was an incredible experience. Vero organized everything perfectly. Her planning is spot-on from start to finish, making the whole experience hassle-free. From the comprehensive and welcoming pre-holiday communication to the airport transfers being booked for me, everything was thought of.

The route is amazing. I would recommend doing some hill training in advance to get your legs used to those inclines, but every metre up was worth it. Stunning views, great trails and a highly competent and friendly guide in Thomas. I genuinely could not have asked for more and it exceeded expectations."

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Alexander Milinski, DE

"On the plane to Ecuador I noticed how high my expectations were.

Nonetheless they were all fulfilled, and the trip exceeded my expectations.

Beautiful landscape, great running routes, excellent food and wonderful lodges and haciendas. The three guides organized and handled everything very professional - in the positive sense - and in a personal atmosphere."

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Marta Meyer, USA

"If you want a perfectly delightful trail guide, country expert, running buddy, and impeccable host, you should connect with Veronica and Vagabond Trails."

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Zach Vander Meeden, USA

"Great time with this group. The guides ensured we were safe, informed, and having fun throughout the trip. Everything was planned perfectly so we had a great mix of activity and rest. I can’t wait for another trip!"

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Juliane & Scott, USA

"6 day running around Mont Blanc through France, Italy and Switzerland organized by Trail Run Adventures and Vagabond Trails. From Chamonix and back."

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Ruben Espinoza, USA

"I went on the trip to Ecuador with Vagabond Trails and I had a great time! So many worthy experiences were packed into this trip. Just the contrast from being at high altitude volcanoes to jungle rivers in such a short span is special and would be hard to beat anywhere else. I liked how the activities were mixed to include things like horseback riding and rafting on top of just being a running trip. It made the trip much more of a full package.

All the accommodations were amazing! Food? Never hungry, always satisfied beyond expectations. Funny diet? No problem. This is definitely the way to visit a country you never been to for the first time. You get more than what you pay for."

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Tom Morter Laing, UK

"My partner and I went on a photo tour up the alps for a few nights with Vagabond Trails. Veronica and Jonas were, and I do not exaggerate, two of the loveliest people you can meet. They were incredibly helpful and got us through things we didn’t even know we could do. We spent a little more time with Veronica, who we found to be truly inspirational as a person, and whilst walking we had lovely talks and exchanged stories. 

Incidentally, Jonas in particular is an excellent and passionate photographer, so as well as guiding, he was able to help with some photographic suggestions and personal insights about the area. 

I personally encountered some leg issues at the end of day 1, and Jonas and Veronica helped me in the most professional and friendly way I could imagine - there’s absolutely nothing they could’ve done better. I would wholeheartedly endorse these guys and plan to do more stuff with them in the future. I hope to stay in contact with them, and they have a 100% 10/10 recommendation from me."

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Gregory Richards, AUS

"Veronica! thanks for the company, compassion, and constant smile, and for all the extra miles you put in both as a model and carer. All the best for your upcoming races!
Jonas, (the rock). Thank you also for your kindness and patience, you were a constant calming influence on the group as you juggled timetables with everyone's different needs. I am looking forward to seeing your photos, the ones you have posted are beautiful. Also ALL THE BEST for your upcoming races!
I wish you all the happiness and success you surely deserve it.  Many thanks again to both of you, or as the French say, croissant bonjour, revoir"

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Till Schneemann, DE

"Fantastic trips and a really sympathetic team. Absolutely recommended "

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Nicole Rogers, USA

"Absolutely amazing time with Vagabond Trails! They did a superb job coordinating all our Ecuador running & exploring adventures - from the trails we'd go on to the rafting trip to seeing the Andes and the Amazon to delicious food and great accommodations. I definitely recommend booking with them!"

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Charles Brown.png

Charles Brown

"I was 64 when I completed TMB last year and it was the trip, journey, and adventure of a lifetime!  From making the decision to go, to training, to enjoying every moment of the TMB...down to our last group dinner in Chamonix! "

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Audrey Barnett, USA

"I just went to Ecuador with these guys and it was awesome…I mean awesome. The runs were diverse and adventurous with amazing views. We traversed in all kinds of terrain and the itinerary itself was well thought out. The eco-lodges and haciendas were comfortable, and the food was consistently tasty and plentiful. Also, the guides were laid back and fun! I would definitely travel with them again!!"

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Ashley Vander Meeden, USA

"Amazing trip in Ecuador! Everything was thoughtfully planned out with breathtaking views, great food, and impactful cultural interactions."

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Edgar Feliz, USA

"Had an amazing experience trekking in the Swiss Alps thanks to Jonas and Veronica. They took care of every aspect of the tour and ensured that all the needs of the group were met. The area around Verbier is amazing with glaciers, crystal clear lakes, and views from the top of the Alps that will leave you breathless. Staying in the Swiss hut system after ten or more hours of hiking was an awesome part of the experience, the huts are amazing with great food and amenities to help make the trek of given day more than bearable. Even when as I found out later I had torn meniscus, I was helped to complete all 4 days of the trek with Jonas taking part of my load for a good part of two days, Jonas and Veronica went above and beyond to help me complete a life goal and I will be forever grateful. I can't recommend Vagabond Trails enough and plan on going on another trek with them in the future, with healthier knees.

The photography portion of the trek lead by Thomas Heaton was just as memorable. Thomas provided a great level of photography knowledge and having done most of the trek himself earlier in preparation for our trekking workshop we had ideal locations to photograph sunrise, sunsets and on occasion lakes, fall colors and even Veronica running across a suspension bridge and around the clearest lake you'll find anywhere in the world. If you want a great experience, with the best guides, chose Vagabond Trails."

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