Vagabond Trails is an initiative born out of lifelong passions for nature and mountains. The vision of Vagabond Trails is to create and provide tours for those who wish to enjoy the mountains in whatever form and by whatever means, be it hiking, running, snowshoeing or cross country skiing. We also offer events-based tours, such as photography and yoga workshops, where we collaborate with experienced unique professionals such as teachers, runners, photographers. We work with experienced hiking and ski guides when needed. Everyone that we work with shares our values and goals and will ensure that you get the most out of your trip. 

Our main goal is to share our love and passion for nature by offering high quality adventures during summer and winter to those who want to explore and go beyond ordinary. Check out our journeys and join us to discover Valais and Val de Bagnes, one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland.


Veronica Rojas Paurell


Veronica was born and raised between the Andes mountains and in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Before realising that her passion was to be in nature sharing with people, she completed an environmental engineering degree and a masters in engineering for sustainable development at the University of Cambridge. She worked as an environmental engineer and auditor as well as in consumer goods with design and manufacturing of sporting goods, backpacks and apparel. She founded Vagabond Trails to share her passion and love for hiking and running in the mountains with other people.  

Veronica is passionate about mountain running and has raced in Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Chile, Perú, México and France. Her main goal for 2017 includes the Eiger Ultra Trail in Switzerland and the imposing Tot Dret in Italy.

Instagram: @runningthedreams   Facebook: Veronica 


Jonas Paurell

Photographer and strategist

Jonas grew up between a great forest and the sea in Sweden where he spent his entire childhood bivvying, running trails (who had ever heard of trail running as a sport!?), climbing and cycling. Jonas holds a Master of Laws but his day-job is in strategy and finance in Africa.

These days Jonas is an active mountain athlete with lots of passion for almost all sports practiced in the mountains, but he has a special passion for running, hiking, cycling (preferably uphill), skiing and climbing!

Photography is an enduring passion that started sometime at the age of 13 when he was given his first camera, since then he has pursued the art in every discipline imaginable for well over 20 years. Over the last decade, landscape, action and outdoor photography has become his main interest due to its perfect match with his passion for the great outdoors. 

Jonas supports Vagabond Trails with a bit of everything.

Instagram: @mountainvagabond