Volunteering at the Trail Verbier St Bernard

Vagabond Trails were out this weekend volunteering at the Trail Verbier St Bernard. We were stationed at Col de la Breya at 2401 meters to scan runners for timing and to be of general assistance! Our station covered the iconic X-Alpine race, 111 km with 8,400 vertical meters.

We were supposed to be the Col de la Breya at 8AM to recieve the first runners climbing up from Champex Lac but, since as we love a good sunrise, we headed out at 3.30AM and made the climb to the top, arriving at 5.15AM, just before sunrise. 


We were amply rewarded with stunning views of the area!


It was interesting to interact and observe all the runners pass the col during the day. Some were obviously incredibly competitive like e.g. the winner Sacha Devillaz (finished in 16 hours, 43 minutes and 41 seconds) who stopped for just seconds, and some less competitive who stopped to have a chat and a rest before continuing up towards Cabane Orny. Once guy fell asleep for a full 30 minutes before wishing us a good day and ran off!


What a beautiful and great day!

A plus!


Jonas Paurell