Is this a trip for me?

This is a hard question because it’s so dependent on the individual, but if you are adventurous the answer is yes! We have a support vehicle with us every day. If you decided not to run or not to join any of the activities for any reason, you can always jump into the support vehicle and in most of the days different activities are available. There is the option to slow down in most of the routes as well. So, yes you can come with us!! If you have concerns, send us an email or call us.

Keep in mind that this trip involves running/hiking over 1000 meters of ascent and descent, some days at altitude up to 4500 meters above sea level. To participate comfortably in the tour, you do require a certain level of fitness. Please consult a doctor if you feel that this might be a challenge before booking.

What kind of accommodation is included?

We have chosen beautiful, comfortable small eco-lodges and haciendas, with amazing local food. In most of them you will be sharing a double, triple or quadruple room, never a dorm. In some lodges, there is single occupancy available for an extra price.

Will accommodation offer access to hot showers?

Yes, they will!

What to bring in my everyday backpack?

Safety is a priority in our trips! we require runners or hikers to carry some mandatory equipment. This includes at least the following: 2 litres water capacity, energy bars, gels or any other source of energy, compression bandage, emergency blanket, whistle, waterproof jacket & pants, hat and buff.  Extra equipment may be added to this list if our guides think the conditions need it.

What if I am not a fast runner ?

We are all here to enjoy, to contemplate, to be in nature and most of all to support each other’s. This is not a race. Our goal is to offer all runners an enjoyable trail running experience that focuses on amazing trails, amazing food and cosy accommodation. Our minimum ration is 1 guide to 6 runners.  This means we can offer a couple of different travel speeds and cater to most runners.  One guide will lead the group, a second guide will stay in the back and will run/walk with you until we have reach the goal for the day.

Is there any restriction on the amount of luggage ?

For your comfort (easy packing) and the space in the support vehicle we will ask that you have preferably a duffle 70-120 litre bag for you to pack with your belongings.

Is there access to charging facilities for my electric gadgets ?

Yes. You will be able to charge your phone or camera for those Instagram and Facebook pics

How is the weather in Ecuador ?

Ecuador is called the country of the eternal spring. In the Andes, the temperatures may range from 10 to 24 degrees during day. However, during the night and at high altitude it can drop to 5 degrees. In the jungle, the temperature may raise up to 30 degrees. The weather can change fast it can be sunny, rainy and foggy. This said, be prepared for it!!

What about the food ?

We supply all meals from the first night until the last breakfast. Most of the lodges served tasty traditional Ecuadorian food locally produced. Most of the lodges will be able to serve vegetarian and vegan options if needed. You can bring some snacks, dried fruits or your favourite gels and bars.

About insurance

Please note as of February 1st, 2018 all travelers visiting Ecuador must have health insurance coverage. Proof of coverage may be/can be requested upon arrival by immigration/customs officials. Should you not have proof of coverage you can be denied entry to Ecuador.


If you have any other questions, please get in touch.