We are Vagabond Trails (full name Vagabond Trails Handelsbolag)! we are a small family company born out of Jonas' and Veronica's lifelong passion for photography, nature and mountains. For us it is important that we stay connected with what we do - just as in a family we do everything personally and with great care. We only offer the kind of expeditions that we ourselves would want to go on! 

The vision of Vagabond Trails is to create trekking and trail running adventures in Ecuador, the Swiss Alps and the Artic Circle in Sweden. We collaborate with talented runners, leaders and experienced guides. We make sure that everyone that we work with shares our values and goals and will ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

We dream when we create our adventures and we want to share them with you! Run amazing trails, contemplate surreal landscapes, meet new friends, have a beer or two and feed your soul with lifetime memories!

Vagabond Trails Handelsbolag also operates Vagabond Expeditions on www.vagabond-expeditions.com which is a part of the company that specialises on adventure photography! This part of Vagabond Trails is headed by Jonas. The trail running adventures  are headed by Verónica.


Environmental and Local Ethos

Vagabond Trails is committed to inspiring people about the beauty that the world has to offer. We are equally committed to actively protecting the environment and local cultures that we move through - we always endeavour to leave as small a footprint as possible (if we cannot avoid leaving one at all!). Where possible, we use local suppliers for the expeditions to contribute to local communities and economy. 


Veronica Rojas Paurell 

Veronica was born and raised between the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. She completed an environmental engineering degree and a masters in engineering for sustainable development at the University of Cambridge. After working for years as an environmental engineer and also in the consumer goods sector she decided to change her life.

Veronica is passionate about mountain running and her dreams have taken her to run in Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Chile, Perú, México, France and more.  Veronica decided to start Vagabond Trails to share her passion and love for hiking and running in the mountains with other people.

" As an Ecuadorian and as a mountain runner, it has been my dream to create the most amazing trail running trips in Ecuador. I want to share the beauty of my country, its culture, its history, its gastronomy and the kindness of the people".

Instagram: @runningthedreams   Facebook: Veronica 



Jonas Paurell

Jonas Paurell, Co-Founder

I believe that my camera is a powerful tool to tell stories that can leave lasting impressions on the people that take their time to look. My goal with photography is to capture and share the essence of nature and adventure. I strive to inspire people to look closer at nature and to be inspired by nature.

I grew up in between a great forest (at least it was great for a child) and the vast sea in Sweden. I spent my entire childhood camping, running in the forest, climbing trees and cliffs, and cycling. I got my first real camera from my dad at the age of 13 and subsequently shot a series of still life pictures of a squashed banana, but in all honesty the majority of my first pictures where portraits of my family and my dog (a german shepherd called Cicci). Photography turned out to be an enduring creative passion, which I have pursued in every discipline imaginable for well over 20 years. Over the last decade, landscape, travel and adventure photography has become my main interest as it merges perfectly with my passion (or should I say obsession?) for the great outdoors. 

I consider myself to be an active mountain athlete (although the athleticism can sometimes be questioned) with lots of passion for almost all sports practiced in the mountains, but my main interest lies with running, hiking, skiing and climbing! 

I am a British Mountain Leader and I hold a QNUK level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid.

I also hold a Master of Laws that I don't use.

Feel free to get in touch through our website or:

Instagram: @jonaspaurell 

Facebook: @jonaspaurellphotography  Twitter: @jonaspaurell  Web: www.jonaspaurell.com